William Waggoner – President / CEO

  • Holds a B.A. in Petroleum Management emphasis in Petroleum Geology, University of Oklahoma.

  • Juris Doctorate, University of New Mexico emphasis Natural Resources Law with special emphasis International Law, Queens College, Oxford University U.K.

  • Principal Architect and negotiator Model Draft Treaty between the United States and Mexico for the Bilateral Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons Along a Common Maritime Boundary, which was subsequently published, Puerto Vallarta Treaty – Bilateral Exploration and Recovery of Hydrocarbons Along the Common Maritime Trans boundary Line; 31 Nat. Res. J. 606 (1991); the treaty which was finally passed and ratified a few years ago.

  • Executive Director of The Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico: Responsible for drafting and passing 27 Federal/State Laws benefiting Petroleum Industry.

  • Past General Director Trigg Oil and Gas Limited Partnership:

  • Managed, developed and operated Oil and Gas properties throughout New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana

  • Ensured day to day tactical and strategic management of Company

  • Served as General and Inside Oil and Gas Legal counsel

  • In Mexico 2008 to present, worked with Industry Leaders and other Oil and Gas Industry leaders on US-Mexico bilateral projects with US service companies per PEMEX incentivized contracts.

  • In 2013 William Waggoner along with other industry leaders began planning for US-Mexico Exploration and Production Company in anticipation of Mexico’s Energy Reform.

  • 2014, in coordination with Vielper Technology, William Waggoner forms Mexico Petroleum Company an Exploration and Production Company.

  • Current President/CEO of Mexico Petroleum Company responsible for overall company vision, coordination, planning, management of company bilateral relations, inside legal counsel and general strategic operations.

L. Keith Hughes – Director and Vice President of International Relations

Keith has had a successful corporate legal career, advising petroleum companies (primarily upstream), financial investors, lenders, national oil companies and national governments on a variety of transactions around the world.  He has spoken frequently on topics of current interest to the international petroleum sector at conferences throughout the UK, Europe and Africa.  His background and experience include the following:

  • B.A. in Political Science and Soviet Area Studies, Magna Cum Laude, Louisiana State University.
  • Juris Doctorate (with Distinction), Duke University. Editorial Board, Duke Law Journal.
  • Studies in Moral Philosophy, University of ST. Andrews, Scotland.
  • Over 38 years in private law practice in Dallas, Texas and London, England, with emphasis on the oil and gas industry and related finance projects (clients and projects in North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Australia). Partner and head of international energy practice groups at several of the world’s leading law firms.
  • Non-executive Director of EnCore Oil plc, London, with assets in the North Sea and onshore England. The company discovered the Catcher Field and was acquired in 2012 by Premier Oil.
  • Managing Director of Bluestone Resources Management Company Ltd. which managed the further development of producing oil properties in Indonesia.
  • Co-founder of Infinitum Capacitas Consulting, Isle of Man, which provides support to management and boards of international energy companies.

Katiuska Gámez Arenas – In Country Counsel & Director of Business Affairs

Katiuska holds a Bachelor in Law from the University of Santa Maria in Caracas, Venezuela with Diplomas in Program Management Processes BPTrends and in Processes and Procedures Manual from IESA, Venezuela’s most internationally recognized school of management.   Her 15 years of experience serving on enterprises like China National Petroleum, Repsol, Baker Hughes and Abengoa have consolidated her as a solid contracts expert and business advisor assisting in planning for and acquiring goods and services needed to accomplish companies’ mission.  Lead Control Processes and Procedures, Social Investment and Sustainable Development projects as well as her participation in bidding and public affairs and institutional relations processes.

Senior independent consultant of CBM in the legal department of CBM Ingeniería, Exploración y Producción and member of its Contractual Front until May 2016, a Mexican technical consultancy company in the field of energy, specifically in vertically integrated processes associated with the oil industry value chain, recognized by the use of expert staff with high levels of practical experience and deep knowledge for developing business strategies and the implementation of technical projects.  Since October 2013, she collaborated on various projects, such as:

  • Technical and methodological assistance to identify, analyze and propose improvement actions in the framework of support and approval to the implementation of investment projects from Pemex´s Business Plan.
  • Mexico´s First Round business development
  • Analysis of the new structure corporate and legal of Pemex, its impact and implications (emphasis on the procurement and supply management and the corporate management of partnerships and new business)
  • Advice for company creation of integrated oilfield services
  • Pemex officials: ‘responsibility’
  • Farms out and migrations of the assignments of Pemex (alone and in society)
  • Comparative research of oil major openings in the Region: Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela
  • Pemex and the regulation of its information
  • Analysis of contracts for the project South Alliances analysis within the Contracting Strategies initiative.
  • Evaluation of the clauses of the contracts regarding alliances with international best practices development of shares & lists/ areas and recommendations for improvement in contractual matters for the Sub Division of Pemex Exploración y Producción, Southern Region.
  • Support for display of new contractual arrangements for PEMEX 2020. Development of the basis for the creation of the Integral of talent development center of CBM (Centro Integral de Desarrollo deTalento (CIDT) in Spanish.
  • Design and development of organizational structures of new companies within the energy sector.

Since January 2011, Katiuska is professor at the IACC Professional Institute (Santiago, Chile), in the form of E-Learning in the following fields: Labor and Commercial Law; Pension legislation; Constitutional and Administrative Law; Tax Law.  She wrote a Course of labour and commercial legislation. Edition Professional College of Arts and Science of Communication (IACC). 2012 Santiago, Chile. Katiuska is currently conducting a Diplomado of Law Energy at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana of Mexico.

Jesús Salazar – Vice President Operations


  • Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Notre Dame.
  • B.S. in Business Administration from St. John’s University.
  • President of United Drilling, Inc. Oil, Gas and Water well drilling operating 14 drilling rigs in Permian Basin with capacities to depths ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 ft. and approximately 250 employees. Spanish speaking company.
  • General Partner – Jesus Salazar Family Limited Partnership, Manage Investment Portfolio in Real Estate and Oil/Gas Working Interest.
  • President of Hobbs Diesel, Inc., a Diesel Power Unit Sales and Repair Company (25 employees).
  • Managing Member of Big Guns Rat Hole and Foundation an Oilfield Service company for Drilling Conductor Hole, Rat Hole Mouse Hole, Anchor Hole (15 employees).
  • Managing Member of Rojo Supply, LLC. An Oilfield supplies sales and services company (15 employees).