Once the reservoir is identified, we consider the following:

  • What can be done to prudently and economically maximize the recovery of the reservoir?
  • Intelligently designing and constructing the horizontal, vertical and multilateral drilling scheme that results in good wellbore integrity, groundwater protection and production optimization.
  • Geologically understanding the field in terms of its production history, location surface and subsurface and the variation it presents and requires considering, at a minimum, types of execution capabilities, logistical requirements, well design, development of production facilities, and fracking technologies.
  • Identify and utilizing the best drilling and completion fluids to avoid and prevent damage, while enhancing and encouraging optimal production from all producing zones in the reservoir.
  • Identify and utilizing the best artificial lift systems per well.
  • How do we use best practices in the field development to protect the ecology and surface integrity at, and contiguous to, the project development?