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State of the Art Fracking Techniques

and Methods to Extract Hydrocarbons in Mexico

Mexico Petroleum Company is currently operating through our respective partners several teams of geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, mathematicians, drilling contractors, field foremen, tool pushers, equipment and supply vendors, oil field operators, large institutional private equity companies all who have and continue to work tirelessly to get Mexico Petroleum Company where it is today.

Our efforts have not gone unrecognized, we are now generally recognized by industry, both in Mexico and the USA, as the number one Exploration and Production Oil and Gas Company posed to acquire the largest onshore production leases in Mexico.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

We Synergistically integrate the equipment, expertise, experience, talent, know how, and capital to successfully operate conventional, unconventional, vertical, horizontal, and directional upstream oil & gas projects.


Digital Vault of Contracts of the CNH

MPC NEWS Digital Vault of Contracts of the CNH Author: National Hydrocarbons Commission | Date December 8 2017 This is a virtual space that has security mechanisms to store and safeguard the copies of the Contracts for the Exploration and Extraction of Hydrocarbons,...

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Mexico's Energy Policy

Past, Present, Future and Mexico Petroleum Company’s Presence