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William Waggoner

William Waggoner

President | CEO

  • Holds a B.A. in Petroleum Management emphasis in Petroleum Geology, University of Oklahoma.

  • Juris Doctorate, University of New Mexico emphasis Natural Resources Law with special emphasis International Law, Queens College, Oxford University U.K.

  • Principal Architect and negotiator Model Draft Treaty between the United States and Mexico for the Bilateral Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons Along a Common Maritime Boundary, which was subsequently published, Puerto Vallarta Treaty – Bilateral Exploration and Recovery of Hydrocarbons Along the Common Maritime Trans boundary Line; 31 Nat. Res. J. 606 (1991); the treaty which was finally passed and ratified a few years ago.

  • Executive Director of The Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico: Responsible for drafting and passing 27 Federal/State Laws benefiting Petroleum Industry.

  • Past General Director Trigg Oil and Gas Limited Partnership:

  • Managed, developed and operated Oil and Gas properties throughout New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana

  • Ensured day to day tactical and strategic management of Company

  • Served as General and Inside Oil and Gas Legal counsel

  • In Mexico 2008 to present, worked with Industry Leaders and other Oil and Gas Industry leaders on US-Mexico bilateral projects with US service companies per PEMEX incentivized contracts.

  • In 2013 William Waggoner along with other industry leaders began planning for US-Mexico Exploration and Production Company in anticipation of Mexico’s Energy Reform.

  • 2014, in coordination with Vielper Technology, William Waggoner forms Mexico Petroleum Company an Exploration and Production Company.

  • Current President/CEO of Mexico Petroleum Company responsible for overall company vision, coordination, planning, management of company bilateral relations, inside legal counsel and general strategic operations.